Violent acts against computers

Violent acts against computers

So how many times have you screamed at your monitor or threatened to throw your computer out of the window when that little egg timer won’t stop spinning or worse, the screen turns blue !! Well I got chance to have my revenge.

I was asked to shoot a photo to be sent out with a press release and for online promotion for a company that designed software to train a companies staff in fire safety, the idea being that it was cheaper and more comprehensive than sending people on courses. The client wanted something ‘different’ with instant impact. This is what we came up with. Time was limited and the representative from the software company could only come to my clients office for little more than an hour.
The lady and computer monitor were shot in my clients boardroom, blinds were drawn and a black background hung behind the shot, lighting was set up in front and behind the model as well as behind the monitor so it would stand out against the black background.
The flames were added later. There happened to be a spare broken monitor of the same type laying in a corner of the office so that came away with me.

Later that night I put the monitor on a board placed on top of my garden barbecue, positioned it the same distance and angle to the camera as we had in the boardroom earlier, lit it (with flash units) exactly the same. Then lit it with a match. A note of health and safety at this point – always have a very wet blanket/towel on standby because when this baby went up, it really didn’t want to go out again.
After filling a memory card with images of flames photoshop took care of the rest, everything was layered up and colour treated to match, right down to the warm glow in the lady’s eyes.

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