Hanging by a thread..

Hanging by a thread..

This was such an interesting shoot with a very serious message. It is a campaign for a Welsh charity raising awareness of domestic abuse.
For this campaign they didn’t want to emphasise physical abuse but instead focus on the controlling aspect of mental abuse, and not just by a traditionally perceived male abusing a femail.

After some concept meetings we came up with this idea. The controller as the puppeteer and the victim as the puppet. We shot models of varying ages, male and female with the intention of having a set of interchangeable images, for example, an older woman controlling her husband, or a young woman controlling her younger sister. A lot of time and care was taken setting up each shot so that it would be easier to swap the models around in post production. The lighting was critical because even though it was a simple set up, the light had to fall in the correct way on the model posing as the ‘victim’ given that they would be much smaller in the final image.

The final ‘product’ was a set of postcards that would be mailed as part of an awareness campaign across Wales.

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