Catalogue shoot with some bounce

Catalogue shoot with some bounce

This set of images is from a shoot for Quatro’s 2012 range of gymnastic leotards and accessories.

For the last shoot we used a fitness trampoline to give the gymnasts some extra height for the action shots. This time the client wanted to bring some of the gym apparatus in to the image. We went for the beam as it was a good option for setting up a black background, bearing in mind that the entire floor of the gym was thick sponge, we had to use mats and find some (reasonably) solid ground where we could to support the studio lights.

The second part of the shoot was held in the sports hall next door so we had a solid floor to work on which made life less ‘wobbly’. The third part of the shoot had to take place outside. The company sells leotards to synchronised swim teams as well as gymnasts so we wanted to bring the element of water in to one of the advertising shots.

Below the image is a behind the scenes video I shot during the day.

Check out the end of the video to see how we took this shot.

Here’s the video:

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