To be a photographer is to be a problem solver, to take the brief your client has given you and to make it happen, to find a way and hopefully dazzle them with what you produce.
I try to keep my work varied but the bottom line is that I photograph people, whether it be a portrait, ad campaign, event, catalogue, a case study, magazine feature or fashion shoot.
There is some product work in there somewhere but sooner or later it involves people.

Many years ago, I studied photography and tried to keep in mind that one day I’d actually want to earn a living from it.
I learned a lot through working at news and picture agency in Wales for eight years. I learned how to shoot for newspapers and magazines, both the glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of the industry.

Then, in 2004, I decided to make my own way, to give myself the opportunity to be more creative, to spend time learning new skills and to explore new avenues.
I began shooting bigger jobs for larger clients – and I found a new passion for creative photography which I feared I’d lost after so many years spent standing in the rain at the corner of a football pitch or outside a crown court.

In recent years, many exciting things have happened in the photographic industry. Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds, blurring the lines between certain aspects.
For me, there a few things I could mention. Camera resolution continues to grow, their sensors have become better at capturing detail in lower light, and raw image quality improves constantly.

Apple gave us the iPhone which in its modern form actually has a pretty good camera. This in turn brought an app called instagram which provided yet another avenue of creativity (check out the ‘iPhone’ pictures in the portfolio section). This, combined with other social media such as twitter and facebook, means photographers work can be  seen globally in an instant.

Digital SLR cameras were given the ability to shoot HD video and this has opened up yet another opportunity for photographers.
But hang on, you can’t just Photoshop it! Photographers who’ve taken this path have had to invest in expensive software, extra hardware and they’ve had to master a whole new skill set.
 I can now offer my clients the option of full HD video to work alongside photographs as part of their press kit – a “behind the scenes” record of a campaign shoot or a promotional video. This can be used on their website or for a tradeshow – take a look at some of the video work I’ve created.
The industry continues to change, to blur the lines between different forms of media. Today’s photographer has to be willing to learn something new every day, to continue to be passionate about it – and to enjoy every minute of his work.