60 second portrait

60 second portrait

Taking inspiration from American photographer Chase Jarvis I wanted to try filming a 60 second portrait.
With the advancement of technology and the way more and more magazines are turning to the internet and new ways to reach their audience, photographers need to be prepared to accept video is a viable solution.
I downloaded a magazine to my iPad recently and when I launched it I found the front cover, a photograph of actress Emily Watson, suddenly moved, she smiled at me and moved her head. The video clip had been cleverly shot in the same position as the photograph used on the cover of the print version of the magazine, it only lasted a few seconds and then looped but the effect was amazing.

This is my attempt. James is an actor, he came over to Wales from the US for a Dylan Thomas poetry festival and I was filming documentary footage his group’s week, their visits and performances. I asked James if he would be willing to pose for me, he agreed and braved the elements to stand in the rain for 60 seconds. He was very pleased with the result as am I.

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